Heavy Rigid Vehicle vs Van: Which is Easier to Drive?

Are you planning to drive a heavy rigid vehicle or a van? Driving a vehicle takes a lot of skill and experience, whether you're driving for a living or just for fun. But is a heavy rigid vehicle more difficult to drive than a van? What kind of challenges could you expect? Size Matters One of the most significant differences between a heavy rigid vehicle and a van is their size.

How Do You Qualify to Drive a Heavy Rigid Truck?

Heavy rigid trucks may look intimidating to some, but they present an irresistible challenge for others. However, driving HRTs require specific qualifications and licensing to ensure the driver can safely handle the heavy and bulky vehicle. So, if you're thinking about HR driving as a potential career, what do you need to know about the qualifications and requirements? Licensing To drive a heavy rigid vehicle, you must obtain an appropriate license, which can only be acquired by obtaining a learner's and restricted license first.