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Heavy Rigid Vehicle vs Van: Which is Easier to Drive?

Are you planning to drive a heavy rigid vehicle or a van? Driving a vehicle takes a lot of skill and experience, whether you're driving for a living or just for fun. But is a heavy rigid vehicle more difficult to drive than a van? What kind of challenges could you expect?

Size Matters

One of the most significant differences between a heavy rigid vehicle and a van is their size. A heavy rigid vehicle is usually larger than a van and requires more space and time to manoeuvre. It can be challenging to park a heavy rigid vehicle in tight spaces or navigate through narrow streets, especially if you're not accustomed to driving such a large vehicle. On the other hand, a van is smaller and more agile, making it easier to drive through traffic and park anywhere.

Licensing Requirements

Driving a heavy rigid vehicle requires a specific license, which may take longer to obtain than a van license. You will need to have a commercial driver's license (CDL) to drive a heavy rigid vehicle, which involves passing a series of tests and meeting specific requirements. On the other hand, driving a van is usually less complicated, and you only need a regular driver's license in most cases.

Weight Distribution

Another difference between driving a heavy rigid vehicle and a van is how they handle weight distribution. A heavy rigid vehicle has a more substantial weight distribution and a higher centre of gravity, which can make it more challenging to control under certain conditions. In contrast, a van has a lower centre of gravity, making it more stable and easier to handle.


When driving a heavy rigid vehicle, you need to be mindful of your routes, as some roads may not be suitable for the weight and size of your vehicle. You may need to plan your trip or use a GPS system specifically designed for heavy vehicles. On the other hand, driving a van typically requires less route planning, and you can use a regular GPS system.

What to Do Next

In conclusion, driving a heavy rigid vehicle is more challenging than driving a van, mainly due to its size, weight distribution, and licensing requirements. However, if you're up for the challenge and have the appropriate license and experience, driving a heavy vehicle can be rewarding. If you're still on the fence, consider starting with a van and gradually moving up to a heavy rigid vehicle as you gain more confidence and experience on the road. But if a heavy rigid vehicle is for you, you'll need to work with an appropriate driver training school as you gain experience and get the right license.

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