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What to Look for in an Employment Agency

Employment agencies are essential when one is seeking to advance their career or when one is looking for their first job. They can help you secure employment both locally and abroad. Employment agencies today also offer a wide range of consultancy services meant to build an individual's opportunities at their current or future place of work.

If you want to engage the services of an employment agency, below are a few things you should look out for.


Experienced employment agencies are better at handling your affairs as opposed to new employment agencies. Over time, an employment agency builds connections with firms, and they will always inform them when they have new job offerings. Experienced firms have adequate knowledge on current trends in the job market and will, therefore, advise you on how to customize your curriculum vitae to meet these demands.


A firm's reputation is gauged by their success rates. Look for online reviews and testimonials from people who secured jobs through the employment agency. Reputation also relates to the firm's honesty. The agency should evaluate your goals, experienc, and education vis-à-vis current positions in the job market. Agencies promising instant well-paying jobs in almost any career should be avoided.


The employment agency should demonstrate some degree of innovation. The job market is highly competitive, since there are a lot of people with experience and advanced education. An innovative employment agency will ensure that you fit in the job they secure for you. Firms that have training programs, skill tests and psychometric tests can be described as innovative. Firms that go the extra mile to prepare you for interviews and that do follow-ups after the interview should also be considered.


Employment firms charge differently. Some ask the job seeker to pay while others are paid by the employer. You must seek clarity on how the agency charges and on when payment is to be made. Agencies seeking for upfront payment may not be as beneficial as those that charge after you secure employment.

It is critical that you visit several employment agencies before making your decision. Do not just sign up based on internet reviews and phone calls. The agency must also be fully registered.

An employment agency improves a person's opportunities of securing employment. Further, it helps reduce the hustle involved in looking for a job matching one's qualification. An employment agency should be innovative, reputable, experienced and reasonably priced.