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Boost Your Skills Portfolio by Investing in Vehicle Accreditations and Training

If you are looking for a way to supplement your income, developing your driving skills and accreditations could be a sensible option. Truck and van drivers are always in demand, whether it's for furniture removals, food deliveries, industrial transport or construction work. As the gig economy becomes more extensive, the job opportunities for drivers are expanding as well, with services like Uber and Taskrabbit offering new income sources for suitably qualified drivers.

Here are some things that drivers can do that could help you top up their incomes when they really need it.

Become an Accredited Taxi Driver

Moving people around will always be a solid source of income. Unfortunately, you can't just start advertising your services as a taxi driver in Australia without acquiring a suitable accreditation. All states require drivers to prove that they are medically fit, so you'll need to provide medical evidence that your eyesight is good enough to keep passengers safe. Most also include the requirement for screening clearance to work with children.

In South Australia, Adelaide drivers need to complete a driver training course, but this isn't required in New South Wales. So be sure to check your state's accreditation requirements.

Book Specialist Construction Training

Building sites are another source of employment for Australian drivers. However, due to the dangers involved with working on construction sites and the specialist equipment involved, in-depth training is usually required. One less demanding course that drivers can take is forklift operation. Three-day courses cover the basics of driving forklift trucks, which should help you find employment on both work sites and in warehouses. Another good option is a course in operating trucks that hold elevated platforms, which can be used in everything from glazing and facilities management to arboriculture.

Arrange Medium Rigid Truck Training

Taxi certificates and forklift training are handy, but the most useful course you can take is in medium rigid truck operation. This doesn't just apply to trucks. It also covers buses and motorhomes - giving you a broad portfolio of different employment options. Applicants need to have held a driving licence for over 12 months, but the actual courses are not too demanding. Considering the potential economic benefits of being an accredited truck driver, the modest cost will also pay for itself in no time.

Launch a Heavy Trucking Career

If you master medium sized trucks, you might also branch out to heavy combination trucks. These are the rigs that travel Australia's highways, and specialist training is required before a heavy combination licence can be issued. However, if you invest in heavy combination truck training, you can easily be licensed and employable in a matter of months.

In the modern economy, we are only as valuable as the skills we possess. If you have a driving licence and want to boost your earning potential, take a look at the heavy or medium rigid truck schools near you, think about applying for a taxi accreditation or developing your forklift skills. You'll never struggle for work with a wide range of driving certificates next to your name.