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Four Key Points to Look for in Heavy Vehicle License Training Courses

If you are planning on doing any sort of heavy vehicle driving you will need to have the proper training. This training and licensing generally comes from a heavy vehicle license training course, which is offered by several training schools across Australia. You may know that you need this training and to be licensed for certain jobs, but what you may not know is what to look for in the training courses. Here are a four key points to look for.

ACT License Option

An ACT license option will give you the training and knowledge to test for the Australian Capital Territory driving test. This test licenses you to drive in the ACT located in the south east area of Australia. If you know that you will be hauling for a company in the ACT designated areas, then you must have an ACT license. If you already have an ACT license, you must still obtain one for heavy vehicles.

NSW License Option

An NSW license is a territorial license similar to the ACT previously mentioned. The NSW deals with the New South Wales area of Australia. There is a misconception that as long as you have one heavy vehicle license for an area, such as having one for ACT areas, that you will not be required to have one for the other. An example of this would be in the United States where a license from one state will allow you to drive in another as long as you are visiting or simply driving through the area and not becoming a resident of that area. The truth is, you do have to have both an NSW and ACT license for heavy vehicle driving if you want most companies to hire you.

Program Accreditation

Finding an accredited program is vital since most heavy vehicle companies will not hire you if the training program was not through a recognized and accredited training school. One of the accreditations to look for is the WorkSafe accreditation. This will let you know that the school does follow all safety regulations and has been certified on these safety regulations as set forth by Australia, the ACT, and the NSW. 

Various Training Options

Ideally you want to find a school that offers a variety of training courses. You may only be looking for small rigid training, heavy rigid, and various combination license training as well. Having a school that offers this variety allows you to take the courses you need and return to a school you are familiar with for further training when the need arises.

These are just four key points to keep in mind when looking for a school. If you have a specific company in mind that you want to drive for, consider contacting them for their recommendations on heavy vehicle license training courses.